• WordPress. I’ve been working with WordPress since its early days, around 2005. I can build custom themes and develop plugins, all using secure best practices.
  • HTML / CSS. Front-end markup and styling, working with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards.
  • Responsive design. Websites that adapt elegantly to different mobile devices.
  • JavaScript. Client-side functionality, mostly using the jQuery library.
  • PHP. The server-side language that WordPress is built on.
  • SQL databases. I am experienced in relational database design and advanced SQL.
  • Git. These days I run all of my projects through Git, a popular version control system. You can find me on GitHub.
  • Graphic design. I usually work as part of a team that includes a specialist designer. However, I have a good eye and can easily develop existing branding into a clean, striking web presence.
  • Clear, friendly communication. Possibly the most important skill for a tech specialist :-)