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Update on my plugins

I’ve been very busy with my work at The Bureau, and my plugins have been a little neglected of late.

I knew the release of WordPress 5 — with Gutenberg — would necessitate a bit of updating. In the sense of letting people know that there’s no immediate plans to support Gutenberg. All sites I work on are using the Classic Editor plugin for now to avoid Gutenberg.

I’ve been prompted into action just now because Developer’s Custom Fields was completely removed from the repository, without letting me know first. An over-enthusiastic check for no-longer-maintained plugins falsely flagged this one, and it took a little negotiation to get it back. It’s back with a ‘disabled’ status — I can release fixes but it’s closed to new installations.

Anyway, here’s a summary of where each of my plugins are at now.

Developer’s Custom Fields

  • Basically maintained and supported, but no longer being actively developed.
  • Gutenberg is not supported, and there are no plans to support it.
  • I still use this on a good few client sites, and that’s not changing quickly. So I will try to fix bugs (please report any on GitHub), but no new features will be added, and anyone still relying on this plugin is encouraged to migrate to another if possible.
  • I now use CMB2 for my custom field needs. It’s very likely that when I get round to migrating my DCF sites to CMB2, I’ll add a simple migration tool to DCF to do some of the legwork for this.

Lock Pages

Simple Events

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