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WordPress plugin to help repair serialized arrays in custom fields

I just launched a project, and despite using a heavily tried-and-tested script for dealing with serialized data in migrating, we ended up with some custom field values that weren’t being output (in admin or on the front-end) because the serialized values had become corrupted. I think it must have been something strange to do with characters pasted in from Word, maybe in conjunction with the recent WP core upgrade to handling utf8mb4 data. I’m not sure.

In any case, I found a PHP script that repairs serialized data, and turned it into a plugin: Repair Meta.

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WordPress server requirements

WordPress has famously low-level basic server requirements. However, most projects I deploy—because of plugins I rely on and other aspects—usually need a little more for “ideal” hosting.

Someone else used to maintain a really good “ideal” WP requirements page, but it seems to have vanished from their site. I thought I’d start my own, for my reference, to point potential clients to, and maybe of use to others.

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Multi-WordPress: Not as easy as it seemed

multiple-wordpressI’ve deleted the previous post that I just did about running multiple WordPress installations from the same set of core files. Seems it’s a little trickier to get what I wanted than I first thought.

If you’re still wanting to plug away at solving this, multipleblogsonasinglewordpressinstallation.com is still very useful. But also check out Ryan McDonnell’s post on the same subject, and read the comments.

In my now abandoned post, I did neglect the fact that WordPress was including files based on the ABSPATH constant in my wp-config.php, which I thought I could keep in one place with a switch/case for database settings. Big mistake!

But, there were other issues too for me. So, given that 2.7 has auto-upgrade built-in, I’m making the decision to go and fry bigger fish. I might revisit this; if you’re trying, good luck!

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