Steve Taylor photo and SMTP authentication

Just solved a pesky email problem that was really vexing.

Sending email from my localhost web server (usually via ColdFusion apps), for testing and other purposes, has always worked swimmingly. Recently, however, emails sometimes didn’t send. A glance at my ColdFusion log files showed the error “Invalid Addresses”.

Some addresses from some of my domains have started to be used extensively for sending spam (by other people!), so I wondered whether I’d got blacklisted somehow.

A blacklist was involved, but not for addresses. A closer look at the CF error logs showed this:

Invalid Addresses; nested exception is: class javax.mail.SendFailedException: 550-xx.xx.xx.xx is listed at ( 550

The x’d out bits are my current IP address. seems to be a large spam-fighting clearinghouse, with, among other things, IP blacklists. Looking up my IP address on their database found it listed.

The solution is to add SMTP authentication to your outgoing mail script. For ColdFusion, it looks something like this:

<cfmail to="" from="" subject="Message subject" server="" username="noreply" password="password">

(Obviously, with suitable bits substituted for your situation…)