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SLT Custom Fields 0.3b

I know, I’m just rocketing through version numbers and keeping it in beta. But, the new version of my Custom Fields plugin for developers is available now.

It should work fine with any systems you’ve had the old one running on but please backup all data first, don’t use on production servers unless you’re brave, and do let me know if you find any bugs (comments here).

New features include:

  • Added support for assigning fields to posts with certain taxonomy terms assigned to them
  • Added group_options setting for fields
  • Added jQuery datepicker for date field type
  • Altered interaction with AJAX requests to prevent ‘undefined function’ errors
  • Added slt_cf_check_scope and slt_cf_pre_save_value filter hooks
  • New built-in scope matches against post or user IDs
  • Multiple values allowed for box type

See notes in the readme on the plugins page for details about new field definition parameters and hooks.

On the cards:

  • Support for multiple values for the same field (called ‘cloning’).
  • A reciprocal flag for fields. That is, if a field on post edit screens allows the selection of users, and the reciprocal flag is set, user profiles would automatically allow selection of the posts they’re attached to.
  • A ‘Media item’ field type – select one or more items from the media library.

Feedback on these ideas very welcome!