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Hide recurring events in admin for The Events Calendar

I’m just getting going with Modern Tribe’s The Events Calendar plugin, and so far it’s very impressive.

As with any plugin, however good, it’s got its idiosyncracies and annoyances. I’ve just been looking into how to hide recurring instances of events in the admin list. It seems the plugin used to include admin list filter options, but they’ve recently been taken out of this plugin and shifted to their Advanced Post Manager plugin.

Now, I use Codepress’ Admin Columns, and I don’t have time for weighing these two up right now. Generally I’m very happy with what I’ve got. But I think loading both plugins at once might lead to messiness. Maybe I can just whip up a little bit of code for now to add this simple feature?

So, here we go:


  1. Steve Taylor avatar Steve Taylor

    It’s intended to go in a custom theme, though it could probably go in a plugin too. You then just need to enqueue it with admin requests.

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