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Get post ID from custom post type URLs as well

url_to_postid is a great core WordPress function. Give it a URL (from your own site!) and it’ll return the ID of the post or page it refers to. I’m using it so clients can paste a URL into a custom field (easy for them), then I can get other stuff related to the content using the ID (easy for me).

But it doesn’t seem to handle custom post type URLs. So I wrote a little workaround…

function slt_url_to_postid( $url ) {
	// Try the core function
	$post_id = url_to_postid( $url );
	if ( $post_id == 0 ) {
		// Try custom post types
		$cpts = get_post_types( array(
			'public'   => true,
			'_builtin' => false
		), 'objects', 'and' );
		// Get path from URL
		$url_parts = explode( '/', trim( $url, '/' ) );
		$url_parts = array_splice( $url_parts, 3 );
		$path = implode( '/', $url_parts );
		// Test against each CPT's rewrite slug
		foreach ( $cpts as $cpt_name => $cpt ) {
			$cpt_slug = $cpt->rewrite['slug'];
			if ( strlen( $path ) > strlen( $cpt_slug ) && substr( $path, 0, strlen( $cpt_slug ) ) == $cpt_slug ) {
				$slug = substr( $path, strlen( $cpt_slug ) );
				$query = new WP_Query( array(
					'post_type'			=> $cpt_name,
					'name'				=> $slug,
					'posts_per_page'	=> 1
				if ( is_object( $query->post ) )
					$post_id = $query->post->ID;
	return $post_id;

I’ve had to alter it a little from the code I’m using. My code works, but if I’ve goofed in getting it ready for public consumption, please let me know!

UPDATE 6/2/12: Some people have reported issues with this code that I haven’t had time to investigate. If it’s not working for you, I’ve been told this function does this trick as well.

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  1. Dan Farrow avatar Dan Farrow

    Steve, once again you’ve drawn attention to an amazing WP feature I never knew existed.

    And your workaround seems equally amazing – thanks for sharing it! I’ll give it a try


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