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Developer’s Custom Fields 2.0 – a rewrite

Together with Adrian Toll, I’m starting to plan a new, mostly rewritten version of the plugin Developer’s Custom Fields.

Despite the obvious power and sophistication of plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields, we both prefer the lighter, more developer-friendly style of our own plugin. And while the proposed metadata UI for core seemed promising for a while, it seems to have stalled for now, or at the very least slowed down considerably. So, we’ve decided to revamp to give this plugin a healthy lease of life until a rival solution does a better job for us.

The primary tasks will be:

  • Rewrite the plugin using classes for better maintainability.
  • Where possible, maintain backwards-compatibility. The plugin will probably be a shift to another codebase rather than a simple update. However, we want to minimise the work necessary to shift. So while there will probably be a migration tool included, we will probably keep the old public functions going (albeit deprecated) as wrappers for class methods, to avoid significant theme code rewrites. The exact balance here is undecided as yet.
  • Add ‘repeatable fields’ functionality. It’s been on the to-do list for a while, and it’s the main feature of ACF which DCF lacks.
  • Target some other high-priority issues and feature requests for inclusion with the revamp.

If your work relies on this plugin to any extent, we’d love your feedback!

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