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Developer’s Custom Fields 1.0

I’ve just released version 1.0 of my plugin, Developer’s Custom Fields. As per WordPress itself, in theory is is no more special than 0.2 or 1.5. Also as per WordPress itself, though, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that it is special.

So, nothing too major. But there are some great long-awaited improvements:

  • We’ve dropped support for WordPress versions below 3.5. I can’t imagine why anyone would still be on such an ancient version of WP, but if you really can’t update for some reason, stick with DCF 0.9.1.
  • Most importantly, the modal dialogs for file selection have been updated to use the new WP 3.5+ upload API. This should make file selection much, much nicer.
  • In tandem with this, you can now use the file_restrict_to_type parameter to restrict file selection to certain types, file_dialog_title to change the title at the top.
  • There’s now a tabindex parameter to better control tabbing order of fields.
  • Scoping now supports post formats.
  • Google Maps API keys are now supported with the constant SLT_CF_GMAPS_API_KEY (define it in wp-config.php).

Please see the docs for more details, and report any issues via GitHub.