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Developer’s Custom Fields 0.7.3

For anyone using my Custom Fields plugin, version 0.7.3 is close to being released, with some good improvements:

  • The addition of time and datetime field types, using jQuery Timepicker addon. Thanks to Saurabh Shukla for this contribution!
  • Made the Google Map geocoder bounds update when map bounds change so that only addresses / locations from within the current map display are suggested
  • Moved enqueuing of Google maps JS inside the slt_cf_gmap() function, so the scripts are only used where necessary. This is made possible by registering them to be included in the footer – see
  • NOTE: The datepicker_css_url setting, to account for additional UI elements, is now ui_css_url. Please update this in your code if you use it.

You can download the latest code at GitHub. Especially if you use Google Maps, please test this latest version out and let me know if you find any problems. Hopefully it’ll be released on the WordPress plugins repository soon.