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Custom Fields plugin update for WP 3.3

I’ve just released version 0.7.1 of Developer’s Custom Fields. It should be showing up on the repository and in your WP admin very soon.

It fixes a couple of bugs, one to do with the version number storage, and a more important one for anyone using Gmaps. Because of the attempt to exclude the Gmaps functionality when it’s been turned off with SLT_CF_USE_GMAPS, the shortcode wasn’t working. This should be fixed now.

Also, I’ve made the WYSIWYG field type play well with the nice new WP 3.3 wp_editor function. When you upgrade to 3.3 you’ll also be able to pass values to the $settings parameter of this function with the wysiwyg_settings field parameter. Follow the source to the editor method of the WP_Editor class for details of what settings you can pass through. Thanks to katoen on the forums for the heads up!

There are some other things I’m hoping to address very soon. I just had to release this asap because of the Gmaps shortcode fix and the compatibility with 3.3.