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Custom Fields 0.6

My Custom Fields plugin is maturing. It’s running hassle-free on a couple of major client sites, so it’s out of beta. And the latest 0.6 version includes some major new features, including…

  • A gmap field type. Simply drop a gmap field into your custom fields box, and on your edit screen you get a Google Map with a movable location marker. Place the marker where you want it, scroll and zoom until the map looks how you want it. Then on the front-end use slt_cf_gmap() to output the map. (There’s also a handy shortcode.) There are many options, and the slt_cf_gmap function is also used to generate the edit screen map, so you can make use of this functionality in your own code.
  • The file field type now no longer needs the separate File Select plugin. All the code is included in the Custom Fields plugin, but it remains exposed so you can use it yourself – check the slt_cf_file_select_button function.
  • There’s now an attachment option for box type – custom fields for media uploads! (Currently limited to simple text and select field types.)

Check the readme.txt for more changes.

I’ve also added some better “Getting Started” documentation in the readme.txt. Check it out!