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CSS debugging in Internet Explorer

I develop XHTML/CSS primarily in Firefox, followed by testing in tweaks in other browsers. Apart from Firefox being my primary browser anyway, most of the reason for this is that there are some tools for it that have become as essential to me as my text editor (these days, that’s TopStyle). This handy trio are:

  • Firebug – simply incredible
  • Web Developer Toolbar – still very valuable, with some great little features
  • ColorZilla – a good colour picker, plus some things that the others do, but slightly quicker to access

This is all great. However, more often than not, the times when you really need this sort of stuff is in Internet Explorer – especially pre-7 versions.

I’ve not had much luck in IE 6 with the Firebug Lite implementation. I have just come across a good bookmarklet called XRAY. Compared to the Swiss Army Knives above, it’s very basic, but it provides key information about page elements that can really speed debugging along.