SLT Custom Fields 0.4 (beta)

There’s a new version of my custom fields WordPress plugin. Development got slowed to a halt and I’ve not included everything I wanted to in this release, but I’ve put it out because it contains a fix for a bug someone kindly found.

There’s a bunch of new features, which need thorough testing to iron out any further bugs. Check out the changelog in the readme.txt for more details.

Thanks to everyone using the plugin and reporting bugs. I’m aiming to get the plugin into good shape for the WP repository soon. It’ll probably stay in beta for a bit after that, but at least we’ll be able to auto-update :)

Rushkoff on branding

I usually keep posting here strictly to the techie nitty-gritty. But I thought that aside from this talk by Douglas Rushkoff directly addressing important issues around commerce and the internet, it’s also just a fundamentally important perspective.
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WordPress feeds mashup widget

I’ve put together a few little widgets in my time for client sites, dropped into my custom theme’s functions.php. I might look into putting them out there in a formalized way some time (plugins? a collection of code snippets?), but for now here’s one I just did that I think is pretty useful. It basically takes one or more feed URLs, and outputs the most recent items after merging the feeds together.

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WordPress Custom Fields plugin

Well, it turns out that my release of a “reloaded” version of my hugely popular custom fields theme code was a bit premature. I quickly realized that even though (or especially because) my target audience is developers, the code should become a plugin. The field definitions should be separate, in the theme, so the core plugin code can be easily update. D’uh!

So, while I’m not officially releasing the plugin yet on the WP repository, I thought I’d kick off a public beta. Check out the SLT Custom Fields plugin. Documentation is incomplete, and bugs may exist. However, all functionality seems to be working good on test sites. Use on production servers at your own risk, but please report any problems here.

I’m hoping this will grow into a powerful and stable tool for WordPress custom theme developers.

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WordPress custom fields reloaded

PLEASE NOTE: This code has now evolved into the Developer’s Custom Fields plugin.

My post on controlling your own WordPress custom fields is by far and away the most popular post on this site. Maybe I should monetize it or something?

Well, for a start, as a good friend once said, the word “monetize” should be take outside and shot. Besides, building WordPress sites does very well for me.

A better idea: improve the code!

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Fading in images sequentially in jQuery

This took me ages to figure out. I don’t know why. Anyway, I was creating a gallery of thumbnail images, and I wanted each image to fade in sequentially. The next image would start fading in before the previous one’s jQuery fadeIn had completed, so I couldn’t really use a callback.
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Custom fields for custom post types

I’ve just updated my most popular post, Control Your Own WordPress Custom Fields. It’s a long-overdue change, which allows for custom post types.

One thing is, as far as I can tell, when you set properties in PHP classes, you can’t use “dynamic” values. In the new version, there’s a property called $postTypes. I wanted to use get_post_types() to dynamically include public custom post types as well as the standard “post” and “page”, but I kept getting “unexpected (” errors. For now, I’ve hard-coded an array that can be added to. Does anyone know a more elegant solution? The only thing I can think of is using a method, though maybe I’m misunderstanding what I’m doing in terms of using a property.

Anyway, I’ve re-opened the comments over there, so do chip in with ideas!

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